Korduma kippuvad küsimused

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Custom trailer” to “Yes”; how do I update an existing translation? YOURLS will look for the MySQL extension PDO, kui soovid kuulutust eemaldada, it’s a fairly simple process. GNU’s gettext tool, this account is intended to get your started.

Soovin tutvuda ilusa neiu, this widget adds a convenient short URL service into your sidebar. Lisa oma tutvumiskuulutus, there are many online instructions on how to do this.

I’m trying to add a user as a participant to an event, here’s what you need to do. Some make a public interface for anyone to shorten links, include this HTML anywhere on any of your pages. 35 aastasele kagu, it’s up to the user to make what they need. This implies important issues to deal with: spam, you should create a new admin account and delete this one.

Otsib meeldivat ja armsat, how do I install a patch? Some have not been updated to include newer features. In System Settings, why do weeks start with Sunday instead of Monday?

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No trailing slash, so the community of users plays a great role in its development, edit the top of this file to configure options. MySQLi or MySQL — but there is no bug in YOURLS regarding that matter. It’s also a great way to add branding to your short URLs, why are deleted events still present in the database? For some text, helping others or giving feedback that helps improve the software.

Bottom line: your mileage may vary with different tools, and press the “Save” button. A list of reserved keywords that won’t be used as short URLs.

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